Сhildren's animator rushes to the rescue

Children's animator hastens to the rescue or let's surprise the culprit of the celebration!

Every child loves the characters of his favorite cartoon, fairy tale, computer game or
comic book. Do you know his favorite character? Then we are on our way!
Your child is individual, so we offer a versatile selection of show programs and characters for the most sophisticated children's taste!
and characters to suit the most sophisticated children's tastes. Whether it's a magic show or a mock fight.
Ninja Turtles, pirates led by Jack Sparrow or Braveheart? Our
agency of children's parties in Dubai knows the recipe for sincere children's smiles and peace of mind
parents - an exciting program of birthday party, celebration at school, cafe or at home. Our
key task is to create a festive atmosphere and direct the energy of kids and teenagers in a
peaceful direction.

Advantages of choosing our characters in Dubai. 

Every child has unique interests and needs, and our job is to fulfill their
fantasies of a dream party with friends and family. What color is Pinkie Pie's mane? Who
are alicorns? Did the Minions get into the Tower of London? It's just a short list of questions
that today's children are passionate about and these are the most important questions in the world. This kind of communication
requires a massive knowledge of child psychology and pedagogical ability, a genuine interest in the
children's needs and a real vocation. Therefore, the team of our agency in Moscow, in
first of all, asks parents what your little general is dreaming of.
No duty sets of jokes and programs, only a program taking into account the hobbies of each
child! Professional scriptwriters, psychologists, teachers and artists will develop fun and
exciting scenarios and show programs taking into account children's interests, favorite cartoons and wishes.
If you can't decide who the child loves the most, go to our
portfolio. We are constantly replenishing the list of heroes of games, fairy tales, children's movies and heroes of
comic books. Maybe you want to get something exclusive? All you have to do is go
to the animators tab and choose. If you need our help call and a manager for all
questions. We are ready to offer many options how to amaze, surprise and make the holiday
unique and bright.

Priceless task of the company "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" - happiness in the eyes of your child.



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