Our advantages

Organizing a children's party in Dubai is not an easy task for parents. It is necessary to take into account many details, to think over a program that will amuse the kid and his friends, to create the right mood, to decorate the hall with applications, balloons and bright decorations, to choose musical accompaniment. Our professional agency will help you make your dreams come true and arrange a celebration that will charm both guests and its culprit.

Our holidays cause a storm of positive emotions in both kids and adults. No client was not disappointed with the event, and this is the main indicator of the quality of our work.

Our principles

Do you want to come up with something original, but do not know what? Specialists of the agency "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" will help you realize any fantasy. We will come up with a fascinating plot, prepare costumes, choose music and send guests colorful invitations. The baby will be in a world of fairy tales, joy and fun.

Our holidays always go "on a hurrah", because in our work we adhere to important principles:

1. Professionalism

We take a responsible approach to the selection of artists, and therefore our team consists of high-class professionals who are in love with their profession.

2. Experience

Our agency has been organizing children's events for more than five years.

3. Responsibility

We create everything you need for a festive mood: we decorate the site beyond recognition, select bright costumes, come up with an original plot, hold fun contests. Both children and their adult attendants are immersed in the wonderful atmosphere of a fairy tale.

4. Individual approach

We start preparing the event with a small questionnaire for parents. What does your kid like: molding from plasticine or drawing on wallpaper? Playing with cars or dressing up a Barbie doll? We will come up with a plot of the celebration taking into account the individual preferences of your child.

5. Variety and creativity

Each holiday organized by us is unique, and the programs are never repeated. More than 40 characters in colorful costumes will make your celebration unforgettable.

We will realize the most daring wishes of the kid and his parents. We have a wide range of entertainment programs in our arsenal: soap bubbles, sand show, magician's performance, trained animals and a lot of other interesting ideas.

Why us? 

Significant events happen in the life of any person. It is a birthday, new year, wedding, the first of September, discharge of your beloved and maternity hospital and many other festive dates. You want to make an important day for you for a long time to be remembered, caused the invitees only positive emotions.

Self-organization of events - a troublesome and complicated business. To save time and effort and get a 100% result, you should turn to professionals. Agency "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" will masterfully cope with the most difficult task. In our team work only true professionals: animators, cameramen, photographers, musicians.

We are equally responsible for the organization of family holidays and large-scale celebrations. We have everything you need for unforgettable events: experience, creative ideas, colorful costumes and additional entertainment. We always go towards our clients, thinking up favorable promotions and special offers for them.

With "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" your celebration will certainly be unforgettable!