Show programs

Let's have a fun disco for kids with a cool scenario! Lots of music, laughter, contests, childish joy and unforgettable impressions for all participants of the celebration. More detailed
Tricks, illusions - that's what all the kids love without exception! Our magicians-magicians will arrive at any children's party and arrange an incredible performance! More detailed
Order a children's science show with chemical experiments from our cheerful professor! An endless hum of surprised delight of the kids is guaranteed! Yes, you yourself will be amazed at how many interesting and exciting things there are. More detailed
Order a bubble show for kids for any celebration, this is one of the most versatile options! Sincere joy and surprise of the kids, you yourself will be a pleasant gift! More detailed
We are holding a unique and fascinating Tesla show at children's parties! Various experiments, scientific discoveries for kids, everything is so interesting, the kids really like it! More detailed
By ordering a paper show from us, you will give kids a lot of joy, endless pleasure and stormy fun! More detailed
Professional beatboxers are ready to share their rich experience with young talents, order this fascinating and informative show! Please your budding baby stars. More detailed
We are ready to arrange a fascinating and rich in special effects laser show for curious and funny kids right now! More detailed
An interesting, fascinating and fascinating sand show for kids from the magic artists of our agency. Immerse yourself in fantasy with the kids! More detailed
A show of robot transformers right at your home! Kids will have enough fun with our brave heroes! They will save the planet from enemies and experience many adventures. More detailed
A great show from our cheerful bartenders for any children's party. We will teach everyone present at the celebration how to make delicious and funny cocktails! More detailed
A show of trained animals at a low price, it's more than real! We will arrive wherever you say and entertain the kids with a funny performance. More detailed
An energetic and unique program, the developers of which are artistic and creative people, will pass quickly and "with a bang". The mechanical movements of their "wards", performed to the beat of rhythmic music, are the highest class! More detailed
The professional team repeatedly works out the smallest nuances of the performance before presenting its author's entertainment production to the young audience. All decorations and props are safe for the audience. More detailed
Two-meter spy soldiers will effectively appear in the hall and first of all congratulate the kids on the New Year's holiday in a special mechanical manner. Further, alien creatures that have arrived on our planet will create an atmosphere of space adventures for the young public. More detailed
What does every birthday boy dream of on his holiday? – Of course, about something very exciting and unusual! Foam rubber show for a child's birthday guarantees a lot of fun and an ocean of positive emotions. Under the incendiary music, they and their little friends will build a magic castle made of large foam bricks. More detailed
Every minute of the performance is filled with unforeseen situations that genuinely surprise and make the audience laugh. Boxes with unexpected contents appear on the stage every now and then: a shark, a fire, an equalizer, a punching bag and other fun props. More detailed
Three animators will arrive to the kids for the holiday in Dubai – the characters Rosochka, Tsvetan, the chef Bergen-Cook. The optimistic Troll Show is musically designed by a professional DJ Sounds. More detailed
Favorite superheroes are rushing to a children's party. These are the Hulkbuster robot, Thor, the growth Hulk, Wonder Woman and Captain America! More detailed
A holiday is coming, a cool party is urgently needed, and thoughts do not come? Save the classics! The Star Wars show will come to the children's party and make your evening unsurpassed, cool and fun. More detailed
The incredible growth doll Bumblebee will definitely open the eyes of the party participants in surprise. After all, he is almost three times higher than the others! Yes, and how strong! More detailed
These are not just life-sized familiar dolls. These are real giants! The height of each transformer is 3.2 meters and it is rapidly approaching the original in the film. More detailed
Lego is a world of creativity filled with fantasy, original ideas and endless possibilities. More detailed
Foam Party is a summer show using white air foam. This foam show is suitable not only for children but also for the whole family. More detailed

Show programs for a children's holiday - we come and entertain

Entertainment show programs for children require special attention and a serious approach. Agency "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" is very responsible in organizing outdoor events for children and teenagers.

What could be more important than gratitude for a job well done? So for our specialists there is no greater pleasure than the perfectly prepared and conducted show programs for children in Dubai. It is convenient and easy to order a holiday - leave a request on our website, and our manager will immediately contact you to clarify the details.

Children's show programs are held both at the customer's home and in public places. Our artists are ready to entertain at matinees in kindergartens, festive evenings at school, arrange traveling show programs for children in cafes, restaurants, hotels, country recreation complexes. The number of participants is not limited, but it is important for us to know the exact number of guests in advance.

Show program for a children's holiday - we have fun by 200%

To ensure that the fun does not fade away throughout the program, the staff of the DUBAI-KIDS.COM agency puts a lot of effort, talent and imagination. We try to make the script of the show program for children include not only dances and song contests, but also sports and entertainment relay races. The little participants in the celebration are active and restless, so we always manage to direct energy in a peaceful direction.

Show programs for children's party is always a story with adventures. Fairy-tale heroes, characters of favorite children's TV series and cartoons arrange unique trips for treasures, organize operations to rescue princesses and are always in the company of little participants in the holiday. It is vital for our artists to get the support and help of little heroes, to make them feel strong, brave and dexterous. In our scenarios, good always triumphs over evil, and this is so important for kids.

Show programs for a child's birthday are offered for children of any age - from kindergarteners to teenagers. We are proud of our ability to bring into the child's world faith in miracles and the triumph of justice, to distract from daily activities. Our holidays give young participants confidence in their own abilities and skills. Take a look at our catalog on the site, you will surely enjoy an extremely wide selection of entertainment programs.

The price of a holiday for children is affordable for any budget. For us, the main thing is what your child is interested in. It is on this that we will build the scenario of the holiday program so that the baby is not only bored, but also very pleased to realize his own fantasies on the main day of the year. Face painting, custom-made costumes, a disco, performances by a magician or trained animals, obligatory gifts for all those present and much more are ready to offer you at the DUBAI-KIDS.COM agency. We work only for you and our little viewers and we do it perfectly!