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Now the most beloved characters are the permanent fighting transformers of the intelligent Autobot clan: Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee. Shooting games, adventure games, attacks, battles and other interesting strategic missions of the most popular toys of the century will cause indescribable delight not only for boys, but also for girls! The fight for dangerous weapons, and we have 12 types of them, will be the most realistic and mega scale!

VIP show of transformers for children is an ideal format for any occasion!

The VIP show of transformers in Dubai is a bright confrontation between oppressors and liberators, where a voice modulator and LED lighting of costumes are used to make the characters more original. Children enjoy watching alien guests when they dance in an unusual way!

Everyone wants to shake hands with the formidable giant and be sure to take a picture with such a miracle of technology as a keepsake! And who wants to shoot from the smoke gun of the great inventor Leo? His magical cryo-teleporter will move everyone to different places.

An energetic VIP show of transformers for a children's birthday will be the best gift for a birthday person and will be remembered for a long time by all guests, regardless of age.

Incredible VIP show of transformers instead of round dances with relatives

Do you want your fidget to be initiated into superheroes and receive an Autobot badge as a gift? Impossible is possible at the Transformers VIP show for children's party! Where is the source of life force in the two-meter transformers of the planet Cybertron? Find out with us in an exciting adventure show!

Cheerful host Leo will arrange everything in the best way and guarantee everyone a great mood. The magician will tame the elements in front of the public as part of the nitrogen show - this is an incredible boom of emotions!

Musical accompaniment will give the event more enthusiasm, and a disco for all those gathered will charge with positive for a long time. Both children and adults will go to dance. In a word, the atmosphere of the holiday will be 100% successful!

The most realistic transformers - the decoration of a significant day!

We offer our little customers to order a story program to choose from, and these are Standard, Comfort and Premium. All shows are rich and exciting, but the difference between them is in the duration, the number of participants and the number of special effects. Accordingly, the price of each corporate party for parents will be different. But what is the cost of talking about when it comes to the happy eyes of children!

After a VIP show of transformers for a child's birthday, his smile will be the best confirmation that the celebration was a success. You can also invite "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" to a presentation, exhibition, promotion, wedding and even a city holiday. We work not only indoors, but also outdoors.

VIP show of transformers in kindergarten: professionalism of the highest level

Children who attend a preschool educational institution, as they grow up, are already carefully studying the world around them, of course, not without the participation of educators. Parents, in turn, should also participate in the life of a small child, showing due attention and care for a young creature.

Give your child a lot of positive emotions and new impressions from the VIP show of transformers in kindergarten, which can be ordered in one click on the DUBAI-KIDS.COM website. We are exactly the kind of creative team that strives to put on an exciting performance for the curious why. Our professional design technicians use light and smoke special effects, and also accompany the interactive program with original music tracks.

Transformers VIP show in elementary school - a new entertainment format

Giant Autobots will offer the kids to split into teams to go on a special mission to save the planet from evil intergalactic forces in organized groups. The costumes of the hosts of the staged action are as close as possible to the clothes of famous animated characters.

The blaster cannons that Bumblebee and Optimus use in battles with the main enemy Megatron can be held in their hands and, of course, fired from them. If desired, boys and girls can be photographed for memory in the company of star warriors. Transformers VIP Elementary School Show has an endless supply of entertainment for energetic kids. In addition to outdoor games and competitions, we included a disco with unusual guests in the program.

VIP show of transformers for the New Year will leave the traditional round dance in the past

Two-meter spy soldiers will effectively appear in the hall and, first of all, congratulate the kids on the New Year holiday in a special mechanical manner. Further, alien creatures that have arrived on our planet will create an atmosphere of space adventure for the young audience.

Each movement of an integral mechanism of impressive size is accompanied by musical steps. The VIP show of transformers for the New Year will be the best gift for your little why-her-children aged from 3 to 10 years. Our robots bring not only joyful emotions, but also pleasant souvenirs for all participants in team competitions.


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Reviews VIP Transformers

Екатерина 29 сен 2016 в 13:28
Огромный трансформер на день рождение ребёнка.
Здравствуйте ! Хотим выразить Вам благодарность от нашей семьи за подаренный праздник нам и нашему сыну Артёму 04.09.16 Спасибо вам огромное, вы просто молодцы, было очень весело, все до сих пор вспоминают потрясающее зрелище. Заказывали бамбалби с ведущим, костюм трансформера просто ошеломил всех, глаза светятся, весь сверкает вообщем прям настоящий! Приятным для нас сюрпризом стал ведущий в фантастическом костюме бетмена!!!! Вообщем один герой лучше другого!! Очень понравилось хорошее отношение ко всем гостям, все сделано на высоком уровне!
Хочу отметить высокий профессионализм всей команды!
При организации следующих детских праздников мы точно знаем куда обратиться и кого порекомендовать друзьям!
Желаю вам процветания и бесконечное число ярких мероприятий!
С уважением Екатерина.

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