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Magician for a children's holiday - enchants, surprises, pleases

Miracles are so rare in our lives. Therefore, the specialists of "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" decided to arrange them more often, and right at your home. Children's magician-illusionist is happy to give your kid and his guests a unique performance.

Slight of hand and little or no cheating is how we jokingly characterize the abilities of our unique illusionists. You can order a magician for a children's party by leaving a short message using the form below.

With the participation of those present, a magician at a children's party will show how you can make small and not so small objects mysteriously appear and disappear. It is always interesting for children to take a direct part in the Mystery and Mysticism - it fascinates and surprises.

Magician for children's birthday in Dubai - available, interesting, mysterious! 

Illusion attracts and enchants, gives you the opportunity to personally observe the miracles that are being created right before your eyes. A magician for a children's birthday in Dubai is a wonderful occasion for children at the holiday to take a break from dancing and get acquainted with man-made miracles. Imagine the interested eyes of kids when, for example, a coin disappears and appears from behind the ear of a neighbor! Further - cries of delight and joy, unchanged, “How do you do it?” or "Teach me!".

Our illusionist artists have a wealth of props and are ready to put on an unforgettable show for your little ones wherever it suits them. At home, in kindergarten, at a party in a cafe. A magician-illusionist for a children's holiday - the price of the issue is small and quite affordable for each of you, dear parents.

We are happy to make changes to the scenario of the magician's program if you so wish. Often, adult participants in a children's holiday, no less than children, want to see something extraordinary, well, we are happy to use our talents for your pleasure.

Card tricks, ribbons from the pocket, rabbits from the hat - illusionists offer these miracles and many others to your attention. For those who are especially interested in the little participants of the holiday, it is possible to conduct a small master class. Who knows, maybe the future Hmayak Hakobyan is growing up in your family?

And, of course, we guarantee complete safety when demonstrating tricks for the health of participants and your property. Don't worry, our magicians won't make your sofa or TV disappear!

A magician for a graduation party in kindergarten is a solid positive!

When it comes to tricks, the kids immediately have a genuine interest in such a show. A kind magician at the graduation party in kindergarten will present incredible miracles created by his own hands right in front of a young audience.

Adults who wish to attend the gala will also be interested in seeing an unusual performance where everything appears and disappears from nowhere in the hands of the master of the original entertainment genre.

Ordinary objects with a deft movement of the hand literally turn into something pleasantly exciting. Tricks are always unique and alluring, especially for kids who are closely watching the host with their mouths wide open.

Magician for graduation party at elementary school: a charge of excellent mood is guaranteed!

The agency "" prepares for its performances in the most responsible way and therefore does not allow any force majeure on the show. Professionals in their field work through each stage of the entertainment show to the smallest nuances, and also take into account the individual wishes of the customer, if any.

Together with us, curious schoolchildren will see the accomplishment of real miracles - a meeting with a magician at a graduation party at an elementary school will surely be remembered by them for many years to come. The appearance of small living creatures from a cylinder, a chic bouquet of flowers from a jacket sleeve, a blazing fire and colored bubbles is an inexplicable puzzle for schoolchildren and adults present in the hall.

Magician for the New Year for toddlers or teenage schoolchildren

Our team consists not only of creative authors of show programs and talented artists, but also masters of illusions. We will turn the New Year's holiday for the child into a bright fairy tale. At your celebration there will be not only an elegant Christmas tree in the center of the hall decorated with garlands, gifts from Santa Claus and poems read by the kids, but also an unusual character.

By inviting a magician for the New Year, parents can relax with peace of mind for the entire time when the eyes of boys and girls will be riveted to the demonstration of incredible magic by a professional illusionist. With the help of a minimum set of special props, a magician is able to surprise as much as possible, and all thanks to his careful preparation and perfection of skill.

The magician's performance consists of:

-alternating transformation of clothing;

-tricks with animals (cute lory lemur, fluffy dwarf rabbit, African pygmy hedgehog, shiny goldfish);

-tricks with fire;

-tricks with liquids;

-focus "table flying through the air";

-focus "a magic chest in which objects appear and disappear";

-In this show program - you will see dozens of great magic tricks and illusions that have their own storyline!


For very young viewers, this show program can be held interactively, communicating with them!

Performance + photo with animals last 40 minutes

You can order a children's magician by phone: +971 56 614 1752

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