Trained animals

Trained animals in Dubai - give a holiday to children!

If your child loves animals, he will surely enjoy the show of trained animals. The price of fun is by no means high and is quite affordable for each of you, our dear parents.

There are only a few wishes regarding the venue. Even trained animals in Dubai remain animals. Therefore, it is preferable to organize such performances in the open air, so as not to cause unpleasant odor and damage to your apartment.

Before ordering trained animals for the pleasure of your baby, discuss the details and composition of the participants with our managers. Sometimes some of the guests present at the event have unexpected allergic reactions, so we want to prepare in advance.

Funny trained animals - at your children's party!

We will not list which trained animals for a children's birthday will perform in front of your guests. Our consultants will tell you all the information in detail when placing an order: 

Just call us +(971) 50-632-70-80. You can find out in detail the cost and quantitative composition of the “herd” for the entertainment of your little friends of your birthday.

For safety reasons, we recommend that parents conduct a separate conversation with the children in addition to our briefing. Professional trainers do not advise throwing any objects at the animals, pouring water on them or treating them to cakes. Let the kids not be offended, because trained animals come to work for a children's holiday, and the owner will provide them with a treat.

Performances involving animals are especially popular if the birthday person lives in a country house. Then our four-legged participants really have a place to demonstrate their talents and abilities to the great pleasure of little spectators. In addition, the birthday boy has a unique opportunity to receive his gift directly from the hands, that is, the paws, of a trained monkey, for example.

When planning an event, we take into account not only the premises and possible risks in case of improper handling of animals. We try to make every holiday memorable for the hero of the occasion. Be sure to give a professionally edited recording of the holiday and beautiful photos to the participants so that the memory of the touching acquaintance with four-legged friends remains forever.

Trained Animals for Kindergarten Prom: Beloved Fluffies are beyond Praise!

Cats, dogs and parrots are the first pets not only for kids, but for the whole family. Smart four-legged friends can not only eat or sleep, but also pleasantly surprise with their abilities.

The show with trained animals at the graduation party in kindergarten will gather a flurry of applause from young viewers. A bright performance will take the audience to the circus arena and this will be the best gift for the kids.

Professional trainers and their wards will delight all those present and bring unforgettable pleasure from watching a "live" performance.

The animals are absolutely healthy and not aggressive, so those who wish can stroke the fluffy artists and take pictures with them as a keepsake. The numbers of the DUBAI-KIDS.COM agency are very funny and story-driven and will fit into any format and style of the celebration.

Trained animals for prom at elementary school - a guarantee of a great mood!

Schoolchildren, even if they are in primary school, already have a broader understanding of nature and its inhabitants than children of the younger age group. Therefore, this category of mischievous people will be more interested in seeing various types of animals, which, with their extraordinary skills, easily cheer up and convey positive energy.

Trained animals perform fantastic stunts at an elementary school prom, dance, ride in exclusive vehicles, and answer some questions. Such a show is integral, and each participant is in the image of a fairy-tale hero or an adventure story.

Trained animals for the New Year are definitely a win-win choice!

Ordering trained animals for the New Year means getting unlimited pleasure at an affordable price. Experienced artists, together with their faithful smaller brothers, will demonstrate a cheerful performance, where there is no place for even a drop of boredom. A little shy fluffy artists amaze with their intelligence and quick wits.

Affectionate animals are very mobile and inquisitive. Talented actors of a special genre are able to create an atmosphere of goodness and magic at the event in a matter of minutes. A holiday with their participation will fly by quickly and on a light breath, but will leave the most pleasant memories in your memory.

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