Transformers Show

Fireworks of emotions and a storm of delight from the show of transformers in Dubai!

You will present an absolutely unforgettable performance to your child by deciding to order a show of transforming robots in the DUBAI-KIDS.COM agency. Scary and clumsy-looking alien robots, however, have won, however, the ardent love and sincere affection of almost every boy over the age of four.

What is a transformer show for kids?

Let's not repeat ourselves and say that this is a magnificent sight. Transformer show for children is a demonstration of technical capabilities and scientific developments for the entertainment of young viewers. Imagine huge Optimus and Bumble Bee, in the glare of lasers and the thunder of guns, appearing at the Transformers show on a children's birthday!

The performance includes a demonstration of firepower, the freezing effects of guns loaded with liquid nitrogen, and a lot of other interesting things for every boy at the holiday. The show of transformers for a children's holiday involves the participation of two robots and an animator, if you wish, you can choose one transformer.

The scenario for each of our holidays is quite unique, but it necessarily implies the participation of all the boys and girls present in the performance. After all, brave robots need reinforcements to protect the planet from foreign invaders. At the same time, the guys will enjoy the power of weapons designed to ensure the victory of good over evil.

At the transformer show, the price depends solely on the scale of the performance that you decide to give your tomboy. Two giants or one, one animator or two - only you, our dear parents, decide and choose. For our part, we will offer a wonderful program of the holiday, which will surely cause a hurricane of enthusiasm and a storm of emotions among all those present.

Robots are really robots, you can be sure. They can't speak, they're not people dressed up as transformers. The unique giants Optimus and Bumblebee communicate only by blinking lights, and even then rarely, because their main duty is to protect the planet from conquering enemies. They are absolutely safe for children, but it is better to remove excess furniture from the room, otherwise our giants will accidentally stumble upon something.


Transformers prom show in kindergarten - 100% original

Aliens from another planet are ready to visit your holiday with a unique show of transformers. At the graduation party in kindergarten, this staged performance will definitely appeal to the young public. Positive robots in their unusual protective gear will invite preschoolers to go on an exciting journey.

Famous characters will divide boys and girls into teams in order to start in a competitive manner towards competitive obstacles. Agency "DUBAI-KIDS.COM" offers its clients exclusively author's thematic programs, which are designed for a specific age of the audience. Therefore, the naughty fidgets offered by us in the style of transformers will be to their liking and physical capabilities.

Transformers Prom Elementary Show: Let's Save the Galaxy Together!

Parents have a great opportunity to give their picky child an awesome show. Transformers at the prom in elementary school are a good option for entertainment in the full game program. Costumed heroes from the first minutes of their acquaintance will give the fidgets a powerful rhythm and set off on an adventure path to loud vibrating voices. But initially, a detachment of fearless assistants will undergo a brief combat briefing on how to disguise themselves and fight the enemy with fiery swords.

A significant celebration takes place under energetic musical accompaniment, which will cause even greater emotional delight. The turbo robots that have descended from the television screens will turn the school prom into a grandiose celebration filled with fun and vivid emotions.


Transformers show for the New Year: there will be no limit to children's joy

Such an event as a meeting of the New Year always causes extraordinary delight in the children. After all, Grandfather Frost will definitely come to the holiday and in his big bag he will find such a long-awaited gift for each baby. A realistic show of transformers for the New Year according to the author's scenario with intergalactic tasks and special lighting design will charge the brave fidgets with positive energy for more than one day.

A dynamic performance with the leading giants Bumblebee and Optimus Prime will be remembered by your child for many years, and a photo in the family album will refresh the memory of the bright moments of the meeting. Order a spectacular performance for boys and girls with the participation of huge transforming robots in DUBAI-KIDS.COM! Affordable and extremely interesting!


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Reviews Transformers Show

Люси 24 июн 2016 в 21:37
Трансформер Бамблби на день рождения ребёнка.
Заказали деткам на праздник аниматоров , и огромного трансформера Бамблби! Никто из гостей не был в курсе , это шоу для них было огромным сюрпризом ! Словами не передать весь восторг и радость не только детишек , но и взрослых , сама бегом побежала обниматься с ним и фотографировать ! Очень реалистичная внешность , движения , классно танцует, а когда достал пушку свою с дымовыми кольцами , то восторгу не было предела! Каждый раз вздрагивала от выстрела)) огромное вам спасибо , что украсили наш праздник наилучшими красками , надеюсь ещё увидимся с остальными вашими героями , вы супер!!!

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